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Drain and Pipe Cleaning

Generally, larger pipes require the services of a professional plumber. Tree roots can clog and break clay sewer drains and pipes. Although this is hard for many people to believe, tree roots can enter a completely closed drain especially if it is made of clay or may have cracks or breakages through which the roots can enter. This can then keep wastewater from flowing properly. More modern homes are constructed with plumbing that uses plastic PVC pipes for sewer drains which do not rot or disintegrate easily. In the past, clay tile was commonly used to make sewer drain pipes and footer drains. Homes constructed over fifty years ago are likely to have sewer main lines made up of clay tile.

Clay tile may be able to do its task for a few decades but ground movement and clay degradation eventually cause cracks in the pipe. Tiny tree root tendrils can sneak into your sewer drain through these openings then they can grow thicker and longer to clog or break your drain.

Clay sewer drains are rich in water, minerals and other nutrients that make tree roots grow quickly but there is another drainage pipe that tree roots can detect and seek to grow towards in search for nourishment – your basement foundation clay footer drain tiles. Footer drains built around your home’s foundation are perforated to contain excess groundwater and divert away from your home as an essential part of proper basement waterproofing. These perforations give easy access for tree roots to enter and grow.

To make drain and pipe cleaning less difficult, durable PVC plastic footer drains are used to take the place of clay footer drain tiles.

For proper drain and pipe cleaning, a drain snake, or auger is used to slice away roots from the drains. This can be done once every year to ward off roots that have grown back. Sophisticated, high powered pressurized water drain jetting can also push roots and other debris as part of your drain and pipe cleaning routine.

Modern drain and pipe cleaning also makes use of superior technology TV video drain camera to locate the problem site without digging up the pipe itself for inspection.

Once the extent of the problem that tree roots have done to your drain has been figured out, your plumber can start restoring normal household activities as scheduled.


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